Leonardo: The Man, His Machines

The beginning of the sixteenth century is the most famous period of Italian art. It was the time of Michelangelo, Raphael, Dürer, Holbein, Giorgione, Titan, Correggio and many other famous masters. Leonardo da Vinci was much more than an artist. He was an astronomer, sculptor, geologist, mathematician, botanist, animal behaviourist, inventor, engineer, architect and even a musician. He was all of these things and more. As the world faces a new millennium Leonardo da Vinci remains one of the most fascinating people history has ever known. He once said that "things of the mind left untested by the senses are useless." Leonardo left little untested, yet few people know the amazing story behind the man often described as the embodiment of the Renaissance. This Web site endeavours to introduce you to the artist, the scientific visionary, the amazing inventor and Leonardo, the man. One can never explain the existence of genius, one can but enjoy.

Did You Know? Leonardo Da Vinci invented scissors; also, it took him ten years to paint Mona Lisa's lips.

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Leonardo's Life

Detailed analysis and the histories of all twenty-seven paintings by, or previously attributed to Leonardo. Includes some recently discovered artworks. Updated as new information comes to hand.

This area contains:

Anatomy, equestrian, portraits, astronomy, botany, mathematics, cartography, animals, portraits of the artist, architecture, geology landscapes,

Articles on:

The life of Leonardo.
Andrea del Verrocchio.
Leonardo's Protégé.
Chronology of events.

Civil Machines


Military Machines

Documents some of Leonardo's designs for Civil Machines going into the design and practicalities of each one. Includes the robot, parachute, flying machines, crane, clocks, the horseless carriage, canal, drilling machines and more!

Eighteen of Leonardo's little-known fables. 

Leonardo's music.

Mirror Writing.


The Lair Discussion & Debating Forums. 

Links, Credits, Language Translator


Documents some of Leonardo's designs for Military Machines going into the design and practicalities of each one. Includes cannons, ballistas, gun powder missiles, the battleship, the submarine,  tank, scythed chariots, and more!

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Leonardo: The Man, His Machines

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