Ascension Artist of the Month

Joanna Powell Corbet




 Artist's Statement

Ascension Artist Of The Month"My colored pencil paintings explore the mystery of women's relationship with Spirit and with the natural world, as seen through the lens of myth and symbol.

I'm interested in how the archetype of a goddess or mythic being shines through the face and body of a living, contemporary woman. So I have always used everyday, "real" women as models for the numinous beings in my paintings.

My work has been widely published and beloved in the women's spirituality and earth-centered spirituality communities.  My artwork is often seen on the covers and inside pages of SageWoman Magazine, the leading publication of the women's spirituality movement.

Born and educated in southern California, I now live on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. There daily encounters with the mysteries of the natural world continue to inspire and inform my work."-Joanna

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