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Image Information for this Site:

Can I link directly to your images?

    • This site uses software which prevents direct linking (also known as hotlinking). Images will also only display under my domain name. Any other domains will produce a blank screen and the message that the image has expired. Since I pay for my bandwidth, and bandwidth theft from this site has become extreme, I have been forced to enact these measures. Note that direct linking is also called bandwidth theft and some sites experience it to such a degree they are forced to close.

    I don't understand. What's the harm in using your bandwidth?

      • This site pays for its hosting. In the price is included the right to transfer a limited amount of data each month. This is bandwidth usage. Once the site exceeds that I have to pay for more bandwidth. Any linking directly to my images means you are using my bandwidth and not contributing to the cost. I have already been forced to move hosts, increase my bandwidth, and rename/remove files due to theft.
      • It should also be noted that all images on this site are copyrighted, they are not public domain. This means correct permission has to be gained to use them.

      But you collected your images off other pages around the Internet, so why shouldn't I?

        • This is incorrect. Tiger Territory does not collect from other Web sites. Contact is made directly with copyright holders, and permission gained to display images. Written permission is held from printers, publishers, artists and photographers to display their work. Many of the images you see here are exclusive to this site and will not be found elsewhere; these images are never before published.

        What about the book scans I see on your site?

          • The Webmistress holds written permission letters for these items. The letters come from publishers who hold the rights to the publication, or from the original artists, authors and photographers. These people have generously permitted their work to be displayed here.

          Why didn't you accept my image donation?

            • This site presently has a pool of over 300 photographers (and counting) and thousands of images. It is most likely copyright ownership could not be clarified to my satisfaction. In that case it matters not how good it is, it won't appear here. It is the practice of this site to respond to all e-mails, so you should have received an answer regarding this.

            Why didn't you accept that really cool Public Domain image I sent?

              • It is my practice to try and produce items not readily seen elsewhere and Public Domain images are commonly found across the Net. Even more than that, images claimed to be in the Public Domain often are not and I do everything possible to avoid problems arising from copyright issues.

              Why didn't you accept my suggestion to modify your text? You know you're wrong about [insert subject]?

                • Accuracy is important and where it is proven the site is incorrect text will be almost immediately changed. However, many claims sent to this site are spurious, proven wrong when investigated, or do not contain enough information to be adequately followed up. Please send all information you can, including where you saw the item, links, addresses for contact, etc. All submissions are confidential.

                What if I find my property on your Web site and I didn't give permission?

                  • As Webmaster of this site I do everything in my power to ensure the images used are copyright cleared. In the years Tiger Territory has been operating this problem has only occurred once -- with two images which someone claimed to have rights to, but did not. If, despite all attempts to ensure an image supplier is genuine, they prove not to be, the rightful owner will have the philosophy behind this site explained and be invited to donate their image for display. If they wish to have the image removed it will be done immediately. In both cases they will receive a personal written apology.

                  General Copyright Information for this Web Site:

                    • The copyrights for images, text and other material on Tiger Territory are owned by Webmistress Maxine Annabell, or the various individual copyright owners who have authorised their use on the Tiger Territory Web site. Downloading of materials for 'fair use', such as making a paper copy for subsequent reading is permitted without authorisation and approval, but republication in print or electronic media, and any form of use for profit, is not allowed. For further information please write.    
                    • Images are generally owned by the photographer, text by the author. Lack of a credit or copyright statement does not denote a public domain image.

                    Submissions From Children:

                    This site maintains a careful policy of not releasing any information that could be used to make contact with children. Where children make submissions, the format used for publication on Tiger Territory is, "Kelly. Age 10". In the case of a class contribution, and in consultation with the teacher or parent, school name may also be mentioned.


                    Due to excessive requests for links, Tiger Territory has been forced to develop a linking policy. This site will now only link to sites which meet the following two requirements:

                    • 1. The site requesting a link is itself a site directly benefiting and publicising wildlife conservation.


                      • 2. They also provide material which is displayed on this Web site.

                      Other sites are welcome to link to Tiger Territory and a banner is provided below for those wanting one. You may deep link to a specific page, however this is not recommended as a Web site update may mean the page name is changed and your link becomes a 404 error. It is requested that you notify me of any links, so I can write and thank you.

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