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Our committee members initially judge individually and communicate our thoughts via e-mail or telephone. We then meet in person to make the final selection of the monthly winner. In months where applications are particularly high we may meet several times in a process of elimination. The judging committee is as follows:

1. The first permanent committee member is Loadstar. As owner of this site she ensures the integrity of the awards programme and oversees its operation. Any complaints regarding the running of this award should be addressed to Loadstar runs a PIII 650 with a Philips 21" 201Brilliance monitor and a 32 meg Matrox Millennium G400 video card.

2. The second permanent committee member is Druid and he brings to the award programme a unique perspective. Being colour blind his reactions to artwork sometimes vary from the remainder of the committee and he often points out possible problems in colour and tone which other members may miss. His machine is a Celeron 333 with a 17" Kaiyo monitor and a Matrox G200 video card.

3. Muzzie is our third permanent committee member. He is under 20-years-old and was chosen to bring a younger viewpoint to the group. His personal system is a PII 233 with a 17" Philips 107Brilliance monitor and a 32 meg RivaTNT video card.

4. A guest committee member may occasionally join this team. If so, they are accepted for a period limited to three months. This is because people without a vested interested in an award can tend towards a lack of dedication after a time. Guest members must have experience in art, graphic design, advertising or dealing in some type of artwork, be it pottery or painting, before they will qualify for consideration as committee members. All permanent members of the judging committee must agree before a guest judge is accepted.

In its viewing of actual Web sites the committee also uses an IBM DX2-66 with a 14" monitor. This machine often shows up problems with the Web site of an artist which the other machines do not. It has been our experience that many artists forget their work is the true subject of their site and inject into their display too much Macromedia Flash, music, or Java, consequently limiting the viewing pleasure of their visitors. It should be remembered that many people still surf using low-specification machines and slow modems. We therefore wanted a low-spec test machine.

With you having read all of that, we now invite you to submit your work and look forward with great pleasure to viewing it.


We confirm receipt of all work from our entrants and within five days you will know the status of your application. Note that all correspondence to the Ascension Gallery of Fine Art, irrespective of subject, is circulated to each Committee member and receives a reply, so if you have any questions you should not hesitate to e-mail us.

Remember to include:

1. Your name.

2. Your e-mail address.

3. Your Web site address.

4. Two pieces of art as samples of your work.

5. Send to:

'Artist of the Month' Logo

Note that any attempt to display the "Artist of the Month" logo without first receiving written permission from the copyright owner shall result in permanent disqualification from the award programme. This includes display of the sample graphic depicted on this page.

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