Raising Tiger Cubs

Raising Cubs - Page 1&2: Mortality & General Safety | 3,4&5: Learning To Hunt

Tiger cub mortality:

The mortality rate for wild tigers in the first two years of life is very high -- at least 50%. Estimates consider that only one cub from each litter survives to maturity.

An interesting comparison can be made here between the lion and the tiger. Lionesses have other pride members to protect cubs and to help hunt. If a lioness dies the pride will usually continue to provide for her cubs.

A tigress lacks this benefit and  the cubs are at the mercy of any predator that wanders past. Some of the animals that would attack a cub are jackals, hyenas, wild dogs and the python. 

Causes of death in tiger cubs:

Fathers do not assist in the raising of cubs and females often chase off males as they are a threat to the cubs and may even attempt to kill them.

Other causes of death include fires started by villagers; these are done to clear land for grazing, or to increase fertility. Once they become out of control they can destroy large tracts of forest and it is not uncommon for dead cubs to be found outside their dens soon after.

Poachers are more than happy to kill cubs for their highly prized body parts and those valuable coats.

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Raising Cubs - Page 1&2: Mortality & General Safety | 3,4&5: Learning To Hunt

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