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Huangnihe Nature Reserve is northeast of Mount Changbai and researchers have confirmed there are four to six Amur tigers living here. As a direct result of these findings the area will soon be upgraded from Nature Reserve to the more important National Park designation. This will result in increased funding, more protection for the wildlife, conservation planning, research and extra facilities.

At least, that is the theory. Such a small handful of tigers cannot avoid issues like inbreeding and the potential for total eradication through illness or poaching. Unfortunately, it is also obvious these tigers aren't making many friends. More than 60 domestic cattle have been attacked, 20 of these completely eaten, the rest being bitten or chewed. One farm reports a local loss of  one cattle beast every two days and this increases during the lean winter months. It seems that two males and one female have made the local farms a routine hunting area, quite a common occurrence when prey is in short supply. It is also a very difficult habitat to break, with translocation being the most successful, and expensive, cure. Other evidence of tigers in the area are pug marks. These have been recorded in varying diameters of 21cm, 18cm and 14.5cm.

Huangnihe Nature Reserve covers 23,476 hectares, with the forest coverage hitting 96.4 percent. It provides sanctuary for several species which totter on the verge of extinction in China. These include sable otters and mergansers, along with various important flora like ginseng, sargent junipers, and Indian azaleas.

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