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 Breeding for new domestic species:

Here are a few of the more popular and well established wild/domestic cat hybrids. These are a much better choice for people seeking pets than the very large species of cat like tigers, or even the much smaller lynx, bobcat, or serval which still require extensive specialised care and can pose a danger to the families of their owners:

Bengal cat:

This is a cross between the domestic cat and the small Asian leopard cat. Some confusion arises with this animal in that many members of the public think the hybridisation is with one of the big cats, the leopard. This is not correct and the Asian leopard cat is a little-known, quite tiny animal. Some Bengals also carry margay genes.

Bengals have a wild appearance but a docile temperament. They are robust and seem to have inherited no health problems from their wild heritage.

Coats may be spotted, rosetted, or marbled. A number of other variants are being developed, including a longhaired version. The main aim in breeding this cat is to preserve the overall look of the Asian leopard cat.

Euro Chausie cats:

These cats are the result of crossing the European wildcat with a jungle cat/domestic cat cross. These are sometimes confused with the chausie. Females mature at 15-20 lbs, while males weigh 25-30 lbs.

Chausie cats:

The specimens shown here are F1 chausie (pronunciation: chow-see) kittens and adults. The chausie is a cross between the jungle cat and a domestic cat. They retain that wild look, but have a loving personality. In size they are somewhat similar to the maine coon and larger than the average house cat.

Three colours are recognised:

    • brown ticked tabby
    • silver-tipped black
    • black

    All of these colours occur naturally in the jungle cat. Spotting or striping is common in kittens. This usually fades out in adults, though some bars may remain on the legs.

    There are other interesting domestic hybrids and any good search engine will provide a myriad of options which would make far more suitable pets than a tiger, or any of its wild cousins.

Other Hybrid Cats - Page 1&2: Other Rare & Common Hybrids | 3: Natural Hybridisation |
4: Breeding For New Domestic Species

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