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Project Tiger today:

Though it has had a somewhat bumpy history, Project Tiger carries out some very worthwhile work and was undoubtedly the best thing to happen for the Bengal subspecies. It has also proven to be scientifically sound, something which was heavily questioned during its inception.

The number of reserves have slowly risen from the initial 9 to 19, and in recent times up to a total of 23. These presently cover an area of approximately 33,000 square kilometres.

Current objectives:

Overall, the aims and objectives remain much the same as at the inception of Project Tiger.

Present important objectives include the rehabilitation and relocation of villagers from inside protected areas to outside them. This will reduce conflict between the human population and the tiger.

A continuing struggle:

It is considered vitally important that the Indian Government provide the Bengal tiger with more much-needed protection and care.

Many of the things documented on the previous page remain out of control and conservationists are watching in horror as tiger numbers once more steadily decline.

At this point in time the Government spends approximately US$75 million per year in an effort to ensure the survival of the Bengal tiger. Yet the amount of this money making it into the field is less than ideal.

Rangers are desperately short of equipment. Items such as boots, even second-hand ones, and binoculars, are on the much-needed list. Things are so desperate that some staff are stranded at guard posts instead of being able to carry out the routine patrols so necessary to preventing an increase in poaching.

Though it once saved the tiger from extinction, today the unfortunate truth is Project Tiger faces some major problems and the tiger is in a grave situation requiring authorities to be proactive in an effort to prevent extinction.  

Project Tiger - Page 1&2: Development Of Project Tiger | 3: Initial Successes | 4: An Alarming Reversal |
5: Project Tiger Today

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