Tree Climbing


Tiger in a tree:

When a 15-month-old Amur tiger became stuck in a tree at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park in Bedfordshire staff were unable to do much to assist 200 lb Kira because of the danger to themselves. They could not dart the tiger and put her to sleep as a 30-foot fall could have caused injury.

Attempts were made to lure her down with food and by calling her name, but none worked. Several time she tried to venture down head first, very difficult for a cat of her size and weight.

So staff waited.

And waited.

And waited some more....

After five days, a windy night encouraged Kira to extricate herself from the problem without injury. Tree surgeons were later called in to trim the branches and prevent the same thing occurring once more.

Fencing, tree and security checks:

Wildlife parks, sanctuaries and zoos work hard to ensure no growth or trees overhang fences. Checking for this is a daily routine at most facilities and is as important as looking for any breaks or other weak areas in the boundary fences.

Laws also stipulate how close trees may be planted to fences, since a cat that climbs could leap to freedom. On occasion this has happened, usually after a severe storm where downed trees and damaged cages provide an exit point.

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