Water Play

Water - Page 1: Powerful Swimmers | 2: Cubs

Teaching tiger cubs to love water:

This enjoyment of water is not instinctive and a tigress must encourage her cubs into this new wet environment. She will enter the water, sit facing her cubs and make encouraging calls.

The cubs usually protest and may delay for 10 minutes or more before the bolder youngsters launch themselves into the water to reach their mother. Once the tigress feels the cubs have had enough she will grasp them in her mouth and return them to dry land.

There are always cubs that refuse to willingly enter water. This new 'wet stuff' isn't always a welcome experience.

If encouragement and calling fails to work the tigress simply grabs the cubs in her mouth and dunks them firmly in the water before returning them to shore.

It only takes a day or two for cubs lose all fear of the water and they then look forward to their daily swim. All teaching takes place in very shallow pools. A cub that gets into deep water will paddle frantically, but soon tires.

Unless a cub in distress makes some noise to attract the attention of its mother -- and they frequently do not -- it will simply drown and be forgotten.

Water - Page 1: Powerful Swimmers | 2: Cubs

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