CaspianTiger -- Panthera tigris virgata

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Photographic records of the Caspian tiger:

As with the other extinct subspecies of tiger there are very few photographic records showing this cat in a live state, though there are mounted specimens and some drawings of the Caspian. Tiger Territory continues in its attempts to compile a useful photographic record of the Caspian tiger.

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Image 1--The black and white close-up shown here is sometimes claimed to be a Caspian, but is not considered genuine.

Image 2--There is little information available on the small colour close-up, but it dates from around 1950. 

Image 3--1912 Russian hunting party in Khorasan.

Image 4--This photograph is found widely across the Net. There is some debate about whether or not it is a colourised image and where it was taken, something which is not unusual when it comes to old tiger photographs. The favourite opinion is that it was taken in the late 1800s, probably at Berlin Zoo. Along with this usually comes the suggestion it has been colourised. Other people correctly point out that early colour pictures from Russia were very dodgy by Western standards and place the photograph as having been taken in 1950, probably in Moscow.

Image 5--The bottom black and white photograph was taken in 1899 and shows a captive Caspian at the Berlin Zoo.

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Image 1--This Caspian tiger was killed in Northern Iran. The photograph dates from the early 1940?s.

Image 2--This picture shows the Afghani Prince, Ayoub Khan, with a tiger cub given to him as a gift from the Persian Ghajar Prince, Gheisar Massoud, grandson of Nasser-edin Shah. The photograph was taken at Prince Ayoub Khan's residence in Tehran, Iran. He was later crowned King of Afghanistan.

Image 3--A preserved Caspian tiger at the Medical College in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Caspian - Page 1: In The Wild | 2: Subspecies Description | 3: Photographic Records | 4: Weight & Length Figures

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Farrokh Mostofi (Photo 2)
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